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Professional Exterior Cleaning At Its Best


Solar Panel Cleaning Service

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We understand the importance of clean solar panels for optimal energy production. Our team of professionals is equipped with the right tools and expertise to provide the best solar panel cleaning service in the industry.

We use only eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions that won’t damage your solar panels, and we work efficiently to minimize any disruption to your daily routine. Our goal is to leave your solar panels sparkling clean, allowing for maximum energy absorption and savings on your energy bills.

Our team is highly trained and experienced in solar panel cleaning, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We work with both residential and commercial clients, and no job is too big or small for us.

Don’t let dirt and debris hinder the performance of your solar panels. Trust Look Outside Window & Exterior for all your solar panel cleaning needs. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the difference between a professional solar panel cleaning service.

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A dirty solar panel can reduce energy production, and over time, it can even damage the panels. That’s why we have a professional solar panel cleaning process that ensures your panels are clean and working efficiently.

Our trained professionals use specialized equipment and techniques to gently remove any debris or buildup on your solar panels. We start by inspecting your panels and identifying any potential issues or damage. Then, we use a gentle, biodegradable cleaning solution to break down any dirt or grime on your panels.

Next, we use a low-pressure, high-volume rinse to remove the cleaning solution and any remaining debris. This rinse ensures that your panels are completely clean without any damage.

Finally, we inspect your panels once more to ensure that they are clean and working efficiently. Our goal is to leave your solar panels looking and performing like new.

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Professional and Friendly Staff

Our staff is here and happy to help with all of your exterior cleaning needs.

Full Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you will be left with complete satisfaction with our soft washing and exterior cleaning service.

Fast Yet Reliable Service

Our professionals will clean your exterior quickly and efficiently without cutting into your day.

Locally Owned and Operated

We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated company here to serve our community.

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When was the last time you had your solar panels cleaned? Over time, solar panels can become dirty from dust, debris, and other environmental factors, which can cause a decrease in their efficiency. That’s why regular solar panel cleaning is essential to ensure your panels are performing at their best.

  • Improve
  • EfficiencyWarranty
  • Rainwater Doesn’t
  • Clean Panels
  • Increase Durability
  • Aesthetic Appeal

At Tri-State Exterior, we are committed to providing high-quality, professional solar panel cleaning services to our clients. Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your solar panels are clean and performing at their best. Trust us to help you get the most out of your solar panels and keep them shining bright.

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When it comes to harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels are an incredible tool. They work by converting sunlight into energy that can power your home or business. However, over time, solar panels can become blocked, reducing their efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Dust, Leaves, and Water – If dust begins to become a major problem, it may become even worse than having grime on your panels. However, leaves can also play a big role in blocking the light in your home once they land on your solar panels.
  • Bird Droppings – Once bird droppings land on your solar panels, they can be more detrimental than a film of dust. If you are surrounded by trees, your solar panels will not only be at risk of being covered by leaves but also bird droppings from the birds that have made a home in the trees.

Don’t let common blockers get in the way of your solar energy production. Contact Tri-State Exterior today to schedule your solar panel cleaning and start harnessing the full power of the sun.

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